Mahabaleshwar, Wai And Panchgani Diaries Part 4 – 3rd March 2021 to 9th March 2021.

This is the last part of the 4 part series of the Mahabaleshwar trip. If you’ve not read the previous parts, click on the links below:

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7th and 8th March – Day 4 & 5… Panchgani.

Itinerary for the day

  • Check in at Zostel – Day 4
  • Visit to the Table Land – Day 4
  • Panchgani City Visit – Day 5
  • Visit to Village of Books – Bhillar – Day 5
  • Parsi Point – Day 5

After 3 days in Mahabaleshwar, it was finally time to say goodbye and move base to Panchgani. So I checked out and after a quick breakfast, headed off to the bus stop. The destination was Panchgani.

Check in @ Zostel and beginning of an amazing experience. 7th March.

Throughout my trips so far, I’ve always preferred to stay in hotels. Although a bit costly for budget travellers, the privacy, facilities and comfort offered by the hotel are unmatchable. During my research for this trip, I came across a hostel that was cheap and made out of shipping containers. The cost was not a determinant but the concept of spending a day inside the big shipping containers made me extend my trip and book a room here. Needless to say, this turned out to be the best decision I could make.

Zostel – Panchgani

A backpackers paradise offering various types of accommodation to suit every pocket, Zostel is located in Dandeghar in Panchgani. This is a hostel that combines the facilities of a hostel as well as a hotel. You can stay in one of the dorms with shared bunker beds or have your own private room overlooking the valley. Super courteous staff and a vibrant atmosphere make this place a must-visit in your schedule. You can learn more about the Zostel chain here.

Being a hostel, nothing here is complimentary. So even though they have their in-house kitchen, it is chargeable. You’ll get breakfast, lunch and dinner. The best thing about this property is you can enjoy yourselves in total peace and calm.

Visit to the Table Land. 7th March

Table Land, a 98-acre flat plateau that forms Panchgani’s highest point. Situated at 4550 feet above sea level, this is the second-largest flat land in Asia only next to the Tibetan Plateau. Table Land affords unobstructed views of the sunrise and sunset, panoramic views of the valleys and unending views of the green fir forests. The land is flat and large, offering clear views of the entire region, its valleys, and hills with no obstructions. The plateau has been formed naturally due to the seismic activity in the region, with the movement of tectonic plates raising this bit of land.

The entire plateau proudly displays its rusty red laterite rock and has at least two touristy caves Devil’s Kitchen and Tiger Cave. One wondrous thing about the plateau is that despite fertile soil, nothing ever seems to grow here, except a lone tree.

After spending some time at the Table Land, it was time to call it a day. But not before capturing some beautiful pics on my return.

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