A piece of history in the bylanes of Kalaghoda

Getting there

The synagogue is located in the Kalaghoda area off V.B.Gandhi Road. Just turn left at the Kalaghoda. The blue building is unmissable. Don’t get intimidated by the police vans parked in the front of the building. This has happened after the Mumbai terrorist attacks at the Chabad House in 2008. You’ll require a valid photo identification proof and two Xerox copies of the same.

While entry to the synagogue is free, you’ll have to pay Rs 500 if you wish to click pictures. They will give you the receipt for the amount and this amount is used for charitable works. It’s worth every penny spend because the building is so beautiful from inside. Visitors can visit between 9 am and 5 pm. The synagogue is closed to public on Jewish festivals.

Receipt for 500 rs

Inside the building.

The synagogue has gone through extensive restoration work with the funds coming through philanthropy. This is fitting as this monument and the people associated with this were known for their philanthropic works. A few flight of stairs and you come face to face with one of the most beautiful sights that is guaranteed to take your breath away.

Designed by the British architectural firm Gostling & Morris of Bombay,the building’s base is of stone masonry while the superstructure is of brick masonry. The exterior is now white with deep blue accents. The vaulted roof, delicate teal-cream-gold details, soft light and grille work may remind you of another Mumbai landmark – Byculla’s Bhau Daji Lad Museum built in 1857. (Read my post on this here)

The prayer hall faces west towards Jerusalem, with separate seating arrangements for men and women. I do not want to get in to the details of describing the architecture but it so beautiful that you can literally spend hours inside. There’s so much peace and serenity inside the building, even though it’s located in one of the busiest and crowed roads of Mumbai.

Some pics from inside the synagogue.

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