Extreme Tourism: Visiting Chernobyl in Ukraine

One of the biggest manmade industrial disasters, may be much larger than the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the Chernobyl Nuclear Plant explosion rendered an entire countryside waste. The town of Chernobyl and the neigbouring areas of Pripat were converted in to ghost towns and still continue to remain out of bounds due to the high level of radiation.
My friend on wordpress and a co blogger visited this place and has shared some pics from there. It was sad and disturbing to see the effects of a nuclear disaster and also understand how dangerous the technology is if it is not used with care.

Here’s the link to the post


  1. Not on my preferred list either 🙂 But I posted this so that people can be aware of how privileged our lives are and how one small mistake can destroy the lives of many future generations. The Chernobyll accident is a reminder of how a human apathy and ignorance can destroy lives.
    Thanks for the comment.


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